About Us

South Dakota Library Network comprises a group of dedicated individuals in the education sector.

With a common interest in the educational sector, we are committed to using our collective wealth of experience to help people in the South Dakota State through our informative website.

Our major goal is to project in good light the educational system, the schools and the library networks in the South Dakota state.

The resources you’ll find in here are sourced from thorough research coupled with our knowledge from our everyday hands-on experience and activities in the education sector.

South Dakota Library Network is an education project to promote the educational system of the state.

Libraries are the resources any academic institution needs to succeed. The website hopes to not only deal with the schools and government running alone but also focus more on how our libraries benefit students and the community at large.

Our Belief

There is no other time than now to give a voice to the South Dakota area. With the momentum gathering to see the education sector improve for the better in the state, we believe no other sector can tell our own story better than the way we’re doing with this platform. Our belief solidly rests on promoting the library facilities within the South Dakota community and as well help people find the information they need on the education sector of the state.

We as individuals from the education sector owe it a duty to take upon ourselves to be the voice needed for the education system and schools in South Dakota to be heard. Since our whole drive is focused towards information, we don’t compromise the right information about the education sector of the region since we are in close proximity to the daily activities in the sector.

Our Heritage

It is clearly on site that a good foundation was laid on the educational resources of the state in terms of libraries. We hope to build on that.

The South Dakota Library Network was a good foundation that has been laid to connect the state’s academic resources to benefit all students of different categories and the community.

Our drive therefore also goes to promoting this link by encouraging students to know and use what is provided to enhance academic excellence.

We hope to keep the focus going and leave a more solid foundation for others coming behind.

Our Mission

At South Dakota Library Network, our mission is to provide valuable by educating the general public on the South Dakota region. We are determined to promote the quality educational system in South Dakota and let others know the good fruits coming out of the region that was once not reckoned with nationally.

We have a responsibility in our hands and we’re fully aware of the commitment we are making to help improve the education system, schools, and facilities through our educative information dissemination.

Our Vision

We see a South Dakota of our dreams in the nearest future not long from now.

South Dakota Library Network envisions an improved educational system that will rank among the top in funding and, performance to improve the graduation rate in schools.

Our Future

Every state has the right to a good education. We at South Dakota Library Network believe the future is bright for the state’s education system. We see a united group who are committed to making things better in the education sector just as we have taken up the challenge to push this forward through education and quality information.

We are hopeful that in no time, many changes will be visible in many aspects of the education sector of the state. This will include but not limited to:

  • Good funding
  • Improved retention and graduation rate
  • Excellent service delivery in all our libraries
  • A very motivated staff through a structured teacher’s salary increase at specified periods.

As a group, we have realized that working together brings the desired result much faster. The push towards a good educational system, therefore, lies in everyone to contribute a part to the system. Make your voice count by joining forces with us via your comments and recommendations