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We are a group of individuals working in the education sector and will be glad to offer the utmost help you need.

About Us

South Dakota Library Network comprises a group of dedicated individuals in the education sector.

Our Future

Every state has the right to a good education. We at South Dakota Library Network believe the future is bright for the state’s education system.

We are hopeful that in no time, many changes will be visible in many aspects of the education sector of the state. This will include but not limited to:

  • Good funding
  • Improved retention and graduation rate
  • Excellent service delivery in all our libraries
  • A very motivated staff through a structured teacher’s salary increase at specified periods.
Our Belief

There is no other time than now to give a voice to the South Dakota area. With the momentum gathering to see the education sector improve for the better

Our Heritage

It is clearly on site that a good foundation was laid on the educational resources of the state in terms of libraries. We hope to build on that.

Our Mission

At South Dakota Library Network, our mission is to provide valuable by educating the general public on the South Dakota region. We are determined to promote the quality educational system.

Our Vision

We see a South Dakota of our dreams in the nearest future not long from now. South Dakota Library Network envisions an improved educational system that will rank among the top

South Dakota is a Midwestern state in the US with a growing student population of over 134, 000 students. With no less than 719 schools to its name, the educational system has continued to improve year after year.

Latest Articles

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Why South Dakota’s Graduation Rates Are Better Than The US Average?

Since 2010, the national graduation rates in US schools have continued to improve. The state of South Dakota in its entirety beats the national average by some tenths. In 2017, it was reported that graduation rates improved greatly in Sioux Falls in the last school year. The public schools in the city experienced a 3.3% […]

Beyond The Textbook: How Schools Are Implementing Fun And Adventurous Ways To Learn

Learning is not restricted to the four walls of the classroom. In fact, the more activity that comes into a lesson, the better the students will grasp the lesson taught. To go beyond the textbooks to add knowledge to your students, you need to be creative and come up with fun and adventurous ways to […]

Acknowledging Public School Teacher Improved Salaries!

Teachers all over the US in recent times have carried out a walkout in protest against poor salaries. Teachers from West Virginia, Oklahoma, and Mississippi have at a time gone out into the street for underpayment in the teaching profession. It’s appearing to no longer count as what used to be in teachers’ remuneration in […]

Why Schools Excel Inspite Of Low Funding

It is reported that in over half of the entire states in the United States, the low-income or poorest districts don’t get enough funding to attend to their students’ educational needs.

The Evolving Technical Schools In South Dakota

Technical schools are an inroad for high school students to get started with a professional career. Many of such two-year programs in South Dakota are poised towards preparing students in the technology and mining industry

Top School District

South Dakota has a number of school districts from which some stand out as the best among others.