Use Of Security Gateway Appliance To Protect Confidential Data By SDLAN

The 21st century is known as the age of information, and rightly so. In the current world setting, Information Technology plays a vital role in the smooth operation of all aspects of our lives. Be it the innocuous traffic signal to high-end datacenters comprising of thousands of servers, IT is the fuel of modern life.

So, if information is the fuel that runs the world machinery, then data is the currency. In today’s society lives have moved onto the digital domain, and most social interactions are taking the virtual route. E-commerce has replaced traditional marketplaces; online banking is now the norm rather than the exception. Even traditional classroom education is being complemented with virtual classes, video tutorials and online courses.

In such a scenario it is only natural that huge amounts of data are being generated every day by most institutions. All forms of organization, from corporate entities and medical establishments to educational institutions and libraries have to handle large amounts of confidential data every day.

But the real question is: Is our data really safe?

Why Data Security Is Essential

The need of improved data security has been in the news recently due to the increase in cyber-attacks on all forms of organizations. Hackers and malicious entities have certainly increased the frequency of attacks on computer systems. Recent ransomware attacks such as WannaCry are still fresh on everyone’s mind. Even IT giants such as Facebook and Yahoo have been affected by data breaches. So, it goes without saying that educational institutions and libraries too are in the risk of suffering attacks. Data breaches can have far ranging consequences such as denial-of-service and identity theft, and almost always lead to massive financial losses which are very difficult to quantify.

Example: SisLovesMe


SisLovesMe is known in the adult world for being the very first website featuring the controversial videos of step siblings have inappropriate relations. You can imagine the popularity of it when it was launched back in 2016. Currently in 2019 it still continues to operate and it offers a huge amount of free episodes to stream.

Keeping this is mind it is imperative that schools, universities and libraries have a secure and robust network and data security system in place that will help prevent such happenings. However, with the ever-increasing complexity of technology and the rapid acceleration of innovation it is very difficult indeed to ensure complete protection. All concerned organizations should look towards implementing the latest security standards to protect themselves against malicious attacks. One of the more advanced techniques to achieve this end is to use Security Gateway Appliances in combination with SDLAN. Below we discuss the technologies, and how it can be useful in confidential data protection.

What Is A Security Gateway Appliance

A Security Gateway Appliance is a network security device that is used to protect a private network from external threats in the form of malicious web traffic or targeted cyber-attacks. A security gateway works by filtering both the incoming and outgoing traffic of an organization; in doing so the device ensures that privacy policies are properly implemented, and confidential data does not leave the internal network of the organization; it also prevents any malicious software such as computer viruses from infecting the network, thus ensuring data security.


SDLAN stands for Software Defined Local Area Networks and is based on the underlying principles of Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Software Defined Wide Area Networks (SDWAN). SDLAN utilizes a layered architecture to provide a network solution that is scalable and reliable. SDLANs help to reduce the complexity and costs of maintaining a traditional network, while allowing for advanced connectivity management that helps to incorporate the growing networking needs of any organization. SDLANs also provide increased security features which when coupled with a Security Gateway can help to ensure the security of confidential data.

How Data Security Can Be Achieved

The advanced data security features of SDLANs, coupled with the use of a Security Gateway Appliance can help to improve the data security features of any organization. SDLANs can help to analyze and monitor network traffic at device level, allowing the opportunity to implement system wide security practices which work to keep the network robust and reduce risks. The traffic to-and-from the network is analyzed and filtered by the Security Gateway Appliance to ensure no breach of confidential data takes place. Together the two technologies create a sound protection system.

Finally, it should be remembered that no system can be entirely secure. However, with the use of the advanced technologies as mentioned above, together with constant vigilance a practical level of security can be achieved which should bring peace of mind to all users.

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