Promoting Leadership In Development: High School Activities Association

“South Dakota High School Activities Association (SDHSAA)”

An encompassing educational program does not end with the classroom and textbooks. Out-of-class activities are a great way to learn other aspects of education during training.

Besides, talents and interests are other ways of achieving great feats in life. This is addressed through associations saddled with that responsibility in high school educational system.

High School Activities Association is responsible for school sports and other related activities. This helps to drive the leadership-spirit among high school students.

South Dakota High School Activities Association (SDHSAA) was established in 1905 to oversee high school athletics and sports, among other activities in the South Dakota State.

The association became a member of the National Federation of State High School Association in 1923.

“The aim of SDHSAA is to coordinate and control interscholastic activities of member high schools of the state.”

The Goal Of The Association

The aim of SDHSAA is to coordinate and control interscholastic activities of member high schools of the state.

The activities under consideration span across athletics, music, speech, student council, and publications, among other related extracurricular activities.

A visit to the official website of the association will leave you full with a whole list of upcoming activities to be hosted by the association. This includes:

  • Boys cross country – October 20. 2018Howdy,
  • Girls cross country – October 20, 2018
  • Girls Tennis – October – 4-6 2018
  • Boys golf – October – 1-2 2018
  • Football _ November – 8-10, 2018
  • Girls soccer – October 13, 2018
  • All-State Chorus and Orchestra – October 27, 2018
  • Volleyball – November- 15-17, 2018
  • Competitive cheer – October 19-20
  • Competitive dance – October 19-20 2018
  • Journalism – October 15, 2018

You can check out the comprehensive list on the official website.


Membership of SDHSAA is voluntary for any high school in South Dakota including private, public, and institutional or any other accredited by the South Dakota Division of Elementary and Secondary Education.

A high school can apply to be a member by forwarding a formal application which is authorized by the Board of Education.

Abiding by the by-laws and rules of the association are other requirements for a high school to enjoy its membership with the association.

“The Board of Directors is to meet six times or more in the year.”

The Structure Of SDHSAA

The legislative body of SDHSAA comprises all members of the association.

Every member has a single vote which can be cast at every annual meeting when required or through a mail ballot. All members of the association meet once a year.

The executive body comprises the Board of Directors made up of eight members.

Five of these members will be superintendents, activities/athletic directors of member schools. Two of the members will be a board of education members of the member schools. The one remaining member will be a Native American representative.

The Board of Directors is to meet six times or more in the year. They are charged with interpreting by-laws and the constitution. They are also responsible for directing and organizing meets and tournaments, determining penalties, settling disputes and employing staff to run the association, among other functions within the association.

High school students get the chance to the other side of education through the SDHSAA. Many great sportsmen and women were discovered during meets and tournaments organized by the association. The best schools and the rest of others in South Dakota are member schools of the association.

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